A blog about the physiology and benefits of massage.


It has often been observed that one can never go home again. John Bowers, a licensed esthetician and massage therapist for over 20 years, is about to prove that old adage to be wrong. John  has recently been settling back into the Capital Region where he was born and raised. John’s return to his roots has moved him forward on a Holistic Journey during which he has been propelled forward on a continuum while working intensively on his, body, mind, and spirit. John’s educational background began with training at Educating Hands in Miami, Florida. John developed a unique passion for his work and specialized in Lomi - Lomi. Always anxious to expand his talents, John continued his education from the Finger Lakes School of Massage to the Center of Natural Wellness in Albany. John offers a wide range of techniques ranging from his World renown Deep Tissue to a lighter, non-invasive style Cranial- Sacral that is seemingly subtle yet provides profound and transformational effects. A most unique aspect of John’s massage options is the VIP treatment which incorporates three distinct techniques into a single massage experience. This transforms and customizes your  massage to meet your specific needs. Always with an emphasis on enhanced breathing, John creates an idiosyncratic approach to treatment. Perhaps most important of all is the amazing positive energy and persona that John brings to his work. The psychodynamic between a client and massage therapist is what makes the massage experience complete. John Robert Bowers is a man on a journey with a mission to fulfill.